Assistant Restaurant Manager - ACT District

Location: 8 Locations
Posted on: 28 May 2021

You will lead your team to achieve people, sales and profit goals through execution of our Growth Mindset Thrive Plan.

Key elements of the role include:

  • Providing Safety Leadership through our Work Safe, Home Safe strategy
  • Creating a Guest Obsessed Culture within each of your restaurants
  • Leading a High Performing Team, with a strong talent pipeline behind it
  • Building the Brand via effective business planning
  • Managing the Business to ensure the profitability of your restaurants
  • Championing Change, ensuring your people are engaged and change is sustainable
  • Continuing your own Self-Development as you grow in the role

Please submit a recent resume and cover letter stating:

  • How you intend to unleash people power in your new restaurant;
  • Your contribution to safety in your current position;
  • How have you increased sales and what impact has it made?


We look forward to hearing from you!